An Ugly Duckling

The ugly duckling sits down in front of the TV, his white feathers idly resting on the bean bag as he watches his favorite series, North Dragon. The ugly duckling knew fully well who he was, not that he really cared. He was content to simply watch anime and play videogames, and as the strange little goblin he is, he stayed inside of his dark, cave-like apartment, not caring for the outside world outside of finances. Although there was a longing for company, the ugly duckling simply did not care. The outside world no longer interested the duckling, with its heavy interests over yellow ducks that were able to swim and fly. Not even trying to see if there were others like him, or would accept him for his greater size and better athletics in the sea world, was enticing. 

After all, what use was leaving his home and comfort, when the world didn’t want him? Much less his parents.

After having finished an episode, he looked to his watch. His eyes widened. “Oh, it’s almost time to go online and stream.”

He began to switch over to the console after turning it on, changing the TV input to show the console startup screen. He slid in an old shooter game that he had been meaning to play, one of the classics that, thankfully, got support for the newer generation of consoles, of which he had all of, because he was a true gamer, and he had lots of gamer energy. And, at least, a charismatic voice, if he did say so himself. One has to make up somewhere in the apartment, after all-

A sudden thought struck him. Maybe I should go practice some of those ninja skills?

He grabbed a fork as he grabbed a fresh Whiteclaw, idly spinning it around his metal can of gamer energy. Admittedly, he was pretty skilled at it. He twirled it around like a chef that just wanted to show off. However, his ego got the better of him, and he stabbed his Whiteclaw. “Ahhhhhhh!” The duck yelled in pain, as he quickly dropped the Whiteclaw and stumbled out of his bean bag, rushing to the sink and rinsing his eyes of the pure, raw energy that was incorrectly, and most foolishly put to a place where it shouldn’t have ever been in any gamer’s life. He cursed to himself as the pain eventually subsided. As he washed his hands, the doorbell rang.

“Who is it at my door? Perhaps somebody is watching me.” The duck hummed to himself in thought. “I do not recall ordering myself an adventure of tedious delight. But then again, my enormous IQ isn’t the biggest in the world. It’s easy to know the plot of Madonna Maxima off the top of my head.”

He shrugged. “Well, nobody can play tricks on me! I play a lot of games about deception!”

He went to the door, and opened it with a wide grin on his face. He stared at the person behind it, stunned.

The swan in front of him stared at him curiously. “What? You look like you’ve never even looked into the mirror. You’ve been around ducks all your life?”

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